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Futuristic Tractor Racing

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Looking for a special tractor game? Something new and different but still with tractors? The here on vitalitygames we give some of the best online unity and flash driving games like this tractor challenge called Futuristic Tractor Racing. Futuristic Tractor Racing it's a new futuristic tractor game developed by Gamolition, you can play the game online here on Vitality Games along with other new free online games.Welcome to the future, where everything is possible! The technologies in these times are very advanced and we are heading towards a healthier and safer life, where agriculture is very important. In order to test the new futuristic vehicles used on the field, you are going to hold a tractor racing competition! Use your arrow keys to drive your tractor and your X key to use your NOS power. On the way collect coins which will give you bonus points to your score, and power ups which will refill your health bar, fuel bar and NOS bar. Try not to crash into the other tractors and be the first one to cross the finish line in order to win the race. In the upper part of the screen you will get to see your health, gas and NOS bars and your current level. As you progress in the game you will unlock new vehicles which you will get to use. Each tractor has a different fuel level, NOS level, health points and speed. But the competitors will also get better themselves, so try your best to win this awesome game. Complete all eight levels and be the best driver online from this new challenge called Futuristic Tractor Racing games. Have a blast!

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