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Future Car Parking Jam

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Join this new exclusive experience here on VitalityGames called Future Car Parking Jam. The future cities are overcrowded and finding a place to park can really be a nightmare. Your job is to find a parking spot. The city is so crowded that you'll have to drive your car on the other side of the street and juggle through rush hour traffic. Pay attention and try not to hit your car or else, if your car is too damaged you will have to restart the level and give it another shot. You will have to overcome many intense levels. After each 3 levels you are able to unlock some awesome cars. The future cities are full of high-tech but although the traffic jam problem is not solved yet. Take part in this "pixel warfare" and manage to finish all levels. Parking spots are hard to find and trying to get to work in time is even worse. Be a good driver and start your day in a good way. Good luck and also, have fun!

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  •  Use arrow keys to drive and space bar to brake.

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