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Forest Hunter

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In Forest hunter, you will play as a hunter, with whom you will try to shoot many different types of wildlife animals. In the bigging of the game, you can select what type of animal you want to hunt like deer, wolves, rabbits, wild boar, ducks, and eagles. 
Choose from the 7 available snipers guns in the game and improve your aim to be the best. Each gun is different in zoom, power, capacity, stability. Start playing the game and to complete the level, you must gain the minimum required score. Therefore, every shot must count. Watch out when hunting the wolves they will attack you right after you fire your gun. Have fun online hunting wild animals and try other similar 3D hunting games like Hunter, Winter Bow Master, Sniper 3D. Have fun!
Release Date
February 2019.

Forest hunter was developed by Gameflare.
Web browser.
  • Enjoy a nice 3D animal hunting games.
  • Good 3D graphics with detailed guns, animals and maps.
  • 7 different types of sniper weapons.
  • Hunt animals like deer, wolves, rabbits, wild boar, duck and more.
  • Nice sounds and shooting animations.
  • A cool feature night vision.
More Information About Forest hunter
Fun to play hunting survival game that you can enjoy here on VitalityGames.com for free in your browser. Forest hunter it's developed with WebGL technology allowing to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoyed this while life shooter simulator game try other games like Super Hunting and World Of Hunting 3d. Have a blast online and Good luck!

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  •  Aim Shoot,
     Night Vision

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