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Field Trip Bus Ride

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Are you ready for an awesome Field Trip Bus Ride across the USA? Free flash online games are waiting daily here only at Vitality Games. Go on an exciting field trip and take photos of your favorite monuments in the United States! In this fun-addicting racing game you not only have to maneuver the giant bus, you also have to take at least two stunning photographs of well-known monuments in each level. Try to collect as many pictures as you can in order to complete the five available levels, but be careful not to crash your bus. You can use your nitro power in order to get some extra speed, but both your nitro and your fuel are limited, so try not to run out of them. You can find them as power ups along the way, and you can also find some cool extra points. Good luck and enjoy your field trip. Much fun!

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WASD = Drive, Mouse = Take a Picture, Space = Nitro

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