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Death Chase 3

Death Chase 3

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Рейтинг: 4.4
Play Death Chase 3 completely for FREE directly in your internet browser here at VitalityGames.com and take part in some really intense car races!

Are you looking for a car game that allows you to take part in crazy car races? Death Chase 3 is the game you're looking for! In this racing game, you'll drive on some really whacky race tracks filled with obstacles, ramps, platforms, and exploding cars. Make use of the environment to stay ahead of your opponents, plan your jumps and landings so that you always end up in a leading position. After each race, you can return to the garage and upgrade your car, making it stronger and faster, or buy new cars. Make sure you upgrade your vehicle of choice to the max so that your races are a breeze. Do you think you can win every race, unlock all the cars, and become a racing champion? Click the Play button and let's see what you're about!
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  • Good looking 2D graphics
  • Unlockable and upgradable cars
  • Fun and challenging
  • Good level design
  • Easy to pick up and play

Дата выпуска: November 2021

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