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Dead Space 3D
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Dead Space 3D

Dead Space 3D

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Fighter of the death to be nominated a hero in this fun extraterrestrial game where vicious bloodthirsty monster aliens will devour your immediately.

If you are a big fan of alien games and you enjoyed the famous movie Alien vs. Predator then here on VitalityGames.com we have prepared this fun extraterrestrial game called Dead Space 3D. In Dead Space 3D game you are an elite soldier sent to investigate an alarm triggered on one of your base from the extrasolar planets. 
After reaching the destination gear up with powerful weapons and search the spaceship for any extraterrestrial species. In each levels complete some awesome achievemens like: Monster Attrition( kill 5 aliens in one game) Soldier (kill 15 aliens in one game) Survivor( survive 3 waves) and many more other cool stuff to earn extra points and cash. And have fun improving your aim and killing vicious bloodthirsty monster aliens. If you get overwhelmed make sure you use shift to sprint and escape. While finding the best spot to take cover and survive and win the Fighter of the death achivement to be nominated a hero. If you enjoyed this game you may also like other game like: Alien Planet, Mars Defence 2 and Aliens Invasion. Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
30 October 2018 (WebGL).
Dead Space 3D was developed Y8.com
  • Stunning detailed 3D graphics with space and alien theme.
  • A fun alien single player and multiplayer survival game.
  • Choose between 5 powerful weapons and a knife to kill all bloodthirsty monster aliens.
  • Many types of aliens monster each one different in size and power.
  • Each level will provide large waves of aliens that you have to survive.
  • Smooth controls with nice physics and animations.
  • Achievements and Leaderboard.

Web browser.

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