Crime Hunt 3D
Crime Hunt 3D
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Crime Hunt 3D

Crime Hunt 3D

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Everything is dangerous in this new game "Crime Hunt 3D". Search for the criminal and hunt him down. Good luck!

Do you want to play a car game where you patrol the streets of the city looking for any kind of wrongdoings? If that's so then Crime Hunt 3D is the game for you!
In this police game, you'll be driving around the town, making sure the law is upheld by every citizen. Obviously, sometimes accidents happen, cars bump into each other and it's your job as a cop to make sure everyone's safe. Sometimes there are robberies going on, and you'll have to catch the fleeing thieves before they can make their escape. So what do you say? Are you the right man for this job? If that's so then click the Play button and let's go on patrol!
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  • 3D graphics
  • Detailed city to explore
  • Easy to learn controls

Дата выпуска: November 2016

Разработчик: Crime Hunt 3D была разработана id.net

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