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Cranes Epic Battle

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Get ready for a new challenge with cranes and bombs. Here on vitalitygames we give you a new truck driving games arena from greatcargames. In Cranes Epic Battle two neighboring development sites are at war. The enemy cranes are ready to destroy one another with rockets. You are in control of one of them and you have to make sure you destroy your competition before it has a chance to destroy you. You have to collect all your rockets which are places all over the map. Use your arrow keys to drive your vehicle, your space bar to brake, your QE keys to move your crane, your T key to pick up items and your Y key to drop them. But while you are moving around be very careful because the enemy will drop his own rockets on your site and if they hit your crane it will damage it. You also have to be careful not to crash it against other things. Once you have gathered all three rockets you can launch them and play a fun mini game where you have to press you space bar when the rocket is in the correct grid, just above the enemy crane. And you also have to race against the clock, so do not waste any moment. There are eight amazing levels available for you to enjoy. Prove to be the best and have fun at the same time in this new Cranes Epic Battle games! Good luck!

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