Cows Vs Vikings : Tower Defence
Cows Vs Vikings : Tower Defence
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Cows Vs Vikings : Tower Defence

Cows Vs Vikings : Tower Defence

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Рейтинг: 4.9
Play fun tower defense with cows and vikings and build up defensive towers to stop attacking enemies. Push back the cow invaders using your towers.

Get ready for a tower defense game like you've never seen before! A game where the fearsome Vikings wake war against.......cows?
The premise of this game is whacky and fun and so are the graphics, besides being bright, colorful, and full of personality.
This game plays pretty much like any tower defense game out there, it's the story and visuals that make it really stand out.
The game teaches you the basic skills you'll need to play right at the beginning, after that you'll have to manage yourself. Build towers with various functions such as archery or magic in strategic places to spot the march of the cows. You can also use the environment the slow them down, like a beehive for example. In case you get overrun by enemies there are three special powers you can use, but beware, they have a rather long cooldown period. Are you ready to put a stop to the cows' invasion? If so, then click Play, and let's see what you can do!
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  • Bright and colorful 2D graphics
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Fun to play

Дата выпуска: January 2018

Разработчик: Cows vs Vikings : Tower Defence была разработана ReDox Entertainment