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Conduct This

Conduct This

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Рейтинг: 4.6
Conduct This is a fun 3D train simulator game where you'll have to decide which train goes where and when.

If you are a fan of games with trains and you're always looking forward to playing them then make sure you try out Conduct This! In this simulator, you will decide where trains should stop and for how long by clicking on them. Make sure you avoid crashes with other trains or vehicles and that your passengers get to where they need to be safe. If you do your job well you'll earn money that you can use to unlock new regions. So what do you say? Are you the right person for the job? Can you solve all these traffic puzzles and keep your trains running smoothly?
  • Good looking 3D low poly graphics
  • You control everything with the mouse
  • Good brain teaser

Дата выпуска: February 2021

Разработчик: Conduct This была разработана Northplay

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