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Christmas Tractor Racing

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Christmas is near my friends, and what else to do than to play a racing game that just come out? "Christmas Tractor Racing" is now available on www.vitalitygames.com. This game will provide you with some of the best 15 levels to race in. Along the way you will have some obstacles to get over it such as: rusty old cars, big logs of wood, stones and some other difficult obstacles to be overrun. Do you think you can deal with such a big challenge like this one? In this quiet night of winter season your job is to defeat your opponents. You can unlock more advanced and more equipped tractors from level 6 and 11! So hurry up to take advantage from our exclusive super tractors that are ready for you in the store. With the help of the arrow keys you can simply control the tractor, guide it in the right direction to win the race. Good luck and enjoy!

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