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Cement Truck Parking

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Looking online for some new heavy trucks parking games? With heavy loaded with cargo that will take all your skills to park it safe. You can play this new Cement Truck Parking games here on vitalitygames along with many more new free online games. Cement Truck Parking it's a perfect combination of big cars, parking and dirty, though jobs, like pouring cement. Be the most amazing truck driver and push your limits to park this huge vehicle, against the clock, and then pour cement. In order to play the game, you have to use all four arrow keys to move the truck to the indicated parking spot and press space for handbrake. After you are done parking, all you have to do is pour the cement and your job is done. This allows you to move to the next level! There are 8 exciting stages waiting for you to play and have fun, and one is more challenging and great than the previous one. Remember that you must start with the first level, in order to unlock the rest of them. Complete them all, obtaining at the same time, a high score and therefore prove you are the best truck driver. As you play along, you can verify, in the upper part of the screen, the time you have left, the health bar and also the level you are at, while in the bottom part, on the left, you have your route, which means that you have to get from one point to another. Be the best driver online and from this new Cement Truck Parking games and show your skills to your friends. Good luck and have fun!

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  •  Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake

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