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Car Eats Car 6

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Play the latest action car games online for free on Vitalitygames.com. Click to play now live on vitalitygames the Car Eats Car 6 games.

The Car Eats Car 6 game is one of the sixth sequel of the famous Car Eats Car games. Now out with a lot of levels to keep you entertained. Master your driving skills and drive jump and balance the cars through 40 levels of pure adrenaline pumping and make sure you make it to the finish line in one piece. Play in the beginning with a small car that is lost, and wants to return home to his best friend that was playing with her. And embrace the adventure that awaits your journey.. ;)) Start the engine and ride the car around the playing area, collect diamonds, bonuses, dispose of enemy cars, overcome obstacles, and reach the finish line. Upgrade your car while you're driving, so you can survive as long as possible. Better weapons, armor upgrading and engine power can be bought with the collected diamonds. Enjoy have fun driving and help the little car reunite with his friend and always try to land on your feet when using nitro.. If enjoyed Car Eats Car 6 game you can also try Car Eats Car 2 game for free only...good luck!

Release Date
March 2018
Car Eats Car 6 game is developed by Smokoko and distributed by Gogy.com
  • Slot available where you can spin for free 2 times and win diamonds and stars.
  • A lot of guns for you car like: slingshot, shotgun, sawgun and machinegun
  • Easy customization of the car with many gadgets.
  • Upgrades like Armour, turbo and engine power will help you survive longer..
  • A total of 40 levels available in the game.
  • Easy control and fun to play.

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