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Bomb It 7

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Play the latest and the most awesome bombers man games online for kids and girls like this fun epic game called Bomb It 7 on Vitalitygames.com
In this fun Bomb It 7 game you will choose your favorite mode and try to bomb all your opponents in this sequel to the popular game Bomb It! Bomb it game series will let you to have thrilled moments and make you addict itself by it's quality, seventh chapter is appeared. The game can be played solo vs AI or in a multiplayer session against other players around the world. Or you can played in a split screen mode from the same computer with your friend. After starting the game you can Choose one of the mode available in the game like: Arcade,Battle Royall, New Pack Man, Start collector and Ice man. You can set the number of player from "Players" section and number of enemy from "Enemies" section. Set the number of level from "Levels" and then set your game difficulty and click on "OK" button to proceed.Have a blast online and complete the tasks mission assigned to get stars. And enjoy this awesome fun bomber-man game for all ages from A10.com here on Vitalitygames.com Good luck and have fun!
Release Date
March 2018
Bomb It 7 is developed by Spil Games.
  • A lot of missions in the game to complete.
  • There are more than 50 levels for you to have fun online!
  • Game can be played in 5 game modes.
  • Choose to play from 9 fun but different map styles with cool effects.

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  •  Player 1/control
     Player 1/drop The Bomb
     Player 2/control
     Player 2/drop The Bomb

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