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Bike Trial Jumberino

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Have some fun with Bike Trial Jumberino, our newest and exclusive game here on VitalityGames. If you enjoy bikes and motorcycle games you're in the right place.
Jumberino's the bear that wants to have lots of fun with his bike. He only needs your help with the precision and riding skills that you got. Jumberino is riding his bike in the woods. Where else? It's his favorite place.
Your task is to help him jump over obstacles like thorns and lava. Be careful and try not to damage his motorcycle or else you will have to restart the level. Use your skills in this new motocross challenge and steer just right the bike in 20 extremely hard levels. Use space to jump over obstacles and make it to the finish line in one piece. Have fun!
Release Date
May, 2015
Bike Trial Jumberino was developed by VitalityGames
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