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Batman Ice Age

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Play online the latest Avenger games on vitalitygames.com. And try this new fun and intense Batman action hero game called Batman Ice Age, here on vitalitygames.com. In Batman Ice Age you must help your favorite super hero with his mission. Grapple to get around to upper levels and punch out enemies as you flip switches and ride elevators. Use left and right arrow to run. Press up arrow to jump and spacebar to use Batrope / Activate Switch / Use Elevator. And Crt for punch. Pay attention to your life and eliminate all threats fast. Kill every one that whants to kill you. Have fun and good luck!

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  •  Left / Right Arrow Keys - Run.Up Arrow Key - Jump.Down Arrow Key - Duck.CTRL - Punch.Spacebar - Use Batrope / Activate Switch / Use Elevator.

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