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Airport Bus Parking 3

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Looking for the latest driving and parking bus games? How about a new airport bus challenge? See if you can drive here on vitalitygames all the challenge from this new game called Airport Bus Parking 3. The passengers from the airport need to get to their airplane really fast and safe and the only way you can help them achieve that is by driving them with your bus. No scratching or bumping the bus cause you don't have time to asses damage the passengers have to get in time to the next ride or the airport looses money so be extra careful and keep your focus sharp in this bus driving adventure. There is only one experienced driver good enough to smoothly drive and park the airport bus and drivers like that are hard to find. You have to be very skilled when it comes to driving and parking in order to succeed your mission. Make sure you do not crash along the way and keep your eyes on the timer and try to complete each level before the time runs out. Find your way through the maze created by aircrafts and vehicles and avoid hitting the passengers. Have a lot of fun playing this awesome game!

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  •  Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake.

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