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A Sitch In Time

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Kim Possible fighting game is a very interactive and fun game to play. It is not too simple nor too complex A Sitch In Time is just perfect! It is a game that you can easily play on levels; each level you have a certain mission that you will have to complete in order to pass to the next level. So, the aim of the game is to fight your way towards fulfilling the tasks.What do you thing of learning how to control this brave and beautiful girl fighter? So, as I am sure you guessed, Kim Possible fighting game is being played with the use of the keyboard. So, in order to control the girl you have to use the arrow keys for moving, ducking and crunching and the space bar to perform some fighting tricks. You can even perform some impossible stunts like bouncing of walls by holding down the up arrow. Isn't this fun? What do you think?

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  •  Move/jump/crounch
     Leg Sweep

Use the arrow keys to control Kim. Arrow left- Move left.Arrow Right- Move Right.Arrow Down- Crouch.Arrow Up- Jump. Spacebar- Leg Sweep.

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