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3D Parking Thunder Trucks

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If you are a big fan of 18 wheeler driving and parking games! And you are looking for the best free online 3d car and truck parking games, then here on vitalitygames.com we give you this new fresh and intense 3D Parking Thunder Trucks games.Play online 3D Parking Thunder Trucks games for free on vitality games and have a the best time polishing your skills behind the wheels. Play and test different trucks in many levels and use arrow keys to drive and space bar to brake.Follow the arrow from the mini map and park the truck with the heavy loaded trailer in the parking spots. And hold the trucks till the loading bar it's complete. To make a perfect parking you have to be in the right place and have patience. Steering a big truck requires a lot of focus, so try not to get distracted in this amazing 3D world! There are nine great trucks for you to choose from at the beginning of each mission and there is a total of twelve levels, each more challenging than the previous one. Try to get a three star rating by parking the truck without crashing it before the time runs out

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