3D City Racer 2
3D City Racer 2
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3D City Racer 2

3D City Racer 2

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Drive like a maniac and make those wheels screen leaving behind you just smoke and burn rubber in the second sequel of 3D City Racer 2 game. Enjoy driving

Play the second sequel of the best 3D car driving and simulator online called 3D City Racer 2 game on Vitalitygames.com. Where like in the 3D City Racer you can enjoy a fantastic driving game, and improve your driving skills behind the wheels. In 3D City Racer 2 you can choose from the latest supercars and hyper-cars and test them in drifts, jumping ramps and make twists and turns while enjoying the best looking 3d cityscape.
Do you very much want to cruise all over the city in your vehicle, slicing through the roads with next to no limitations? Then, at that point, this game is for you! You get to the city guide and you can pick one of 7 games vehicles or a major transport. This lovely city is totally available to you. Race absent of any guidelines, drift and perform steep leaps on trampolines set up in various pieces of the city. In this piece of the game, a squad car with great attributes has likewise been added.
There are no particular missions or races with rivals in the game, here you will invest energy alone and this is truly cool! You can do anything you desire with your vehicle! You can even speed up and fly onto the top of the structure assuming that you truly need to. Pick the vehicle your enjoying, hop into the driver's seat and hurry up!
The city streets are filled with obstacles that you have to avoid or not bump in! You can even jump and perform some epic stunts. Drive like a maniac and make those wheels screen leaving behind you just smoke and burn rubber! Make the longest tire track and drift at high speeds while having a blast in 3D City Racer 2 game for free on Vitalitygames.com! More similar 3D car driving and racing are waiting for you online to have a blast!
A game that is at least as awesome as this one, which can be played in 2 players, is the new 2 Player City Racing game, give it a try!
  • Enjoy a nice-looking 3D city with endless possibilities to do, it is up to you
  • Many different kinds of cars like supercars, police cars, and even a bus to satisfy your thirst for driving and improve
  • Open space area with no time limit, no rules ;))
  • Obstacles on roads and ramps for performing amazing stunts
  • Cool burn-out smoke and nice wheels sounds.

Дата выпуска: February 2018

Разработчик: 3D City Racer 2 была разработана Adolux Games

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