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When people are angry or want to take revenge for some unrighteousness that they been through they act in all kinds of ways. Some people yell, others cry, and others who knows they throw or break things but there is a special category of people who react in a violent way and they start punching and hitting everyone around them. Combat or fighting is purposeful violent conflict intended to establish dominance over the opposition.
These fighting games from VitalityGames.com  are more useful than you may think. Sure, there is violence, but you will get a good thing out of this. Along the way you will learn a thing or two about how you can protect yourself from those who will start the fight. Using all of your body parts you need like hands, arms and legs  you can take down you opponents. Not only using your body but also putting your mind to work will help you as well. You can play these fighting games with your friends and see who is a better fighter and will isn't.

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