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Being someone with greater abilities to hep others that actually needs someone to make things right, is the best job you can have. Like these Batman games that put you in difficult situations  and you must have a way out every single time. You must have determination, compassion for those around you and some pretty good skills at making justice. Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, an American billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises. After witnessing the murder of his parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne as a child, he swore vengeance against criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice. Isn't that  exciting news? You are about to go with him in searching for the murderous and a great journey awaits. Not only you get the action scene but you will also experiment all kinds of new things such as fighting, exploring new places and put your skills in helping the human kind. If you think adventures are the best games ever, is time for you to check out these Batman online games on VitalityGames.com and enjoy yourself.

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