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Your task is easy. Arrange the shapes in perfect rows and columns to score! In 1010 Deluxe, you must take your Tetris skills to the next level. Strategically place all three shapes on the board during each round. When you form a complete row or column, the pieces will convert into points! On VitalityGames.com you will find some of the best free online games that are out there. Use your skills and your imagination in order for you to have the highest score online. Are you ready for a challenge like this one? In the vein of Tetris, the player attempts to place colored blocks together on a grid. The player must drag the blocks that are given onto the grid, and after the blocks are dropped, they are unable to be moved from where they were placed. As soon as the three figures were placed on the grid, three new figures appear to be placed. This continues for as long as the game is being played. Are you ready? Good luck and have fun!

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