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Игровой процесс: FIFA Wold Cup

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A true soccer player is always searching for new challenges, well we have one for you. FIFA soccer games can be so much fun if they are well made and if they offer the player exactly what they need. These goal shooting soccer games are popular just because of that they are realistic and they try to depict the real reactions of the players the moment they score or miss. That is why Fifa World Cup is such a liked game! Also these FIFA soccer games are not that hard to play and they give you the chance to perform very precise shots. To play this game you only have to use the mouse and select some features by clicking. First you have to set the power by clicking on the marked spot in the gate when it indicated the level you need. After doing this your player will need the spin, so, when it zooms on the ball click to select it and the player will perform the shot!For each goal you will receive points and if you aim for the marked spot you will receive 100 the maximum score! These FIFA soccer games are quite fun and addictive and this fact makes them very liked!

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