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Игровой процесс: Coast Guard Rush

Об игре

Coast guard rush it's a new flash boat game. Where you have got a brand new job as a coast guard, and you have to drive an awesome motorboat in order to catch the bad guys out on the sea. They think they are smart going off land, but there have to be laws on the sea too. Use your W,A,S,D keys to sail your boat, place yourself behind your targets and press your space bar to shoot at them. For each of your targets that you destroy you will get some points to your score. Just be careful not to hit the civilians who are minding their own business and also try not to crash your boat into the others or sail over the spiked obstacles in the water. In the upper part of the screen you will be able to see your distance bar, your damage bar and your current level. There are a total of eight intense levels available for you to complete and win, each representing a different island that you have to protect for bad people who are trying to do illegal activities. Be the best coast guard out there and destroy in epic explosions all your enemies. So enjoy our vast collection of boat games online and have an amazing time playing this game! Be the best driver from this new Coast guard rush games!

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