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Игровой процесс: Call Of Ops

Об игре

Play the latest multiplayer shooting 3D games that features classic FPS mechanics like this fun epic Call of Ops. Click to play now this awesome game with next-gen graphics online for free on Vitalitygames.com. In this first person shooter game you are playing as an elite soldier. Send by the army to fight in the battlefield again other trained soldier from around the country.
Use what ever weapons you find and try to shoot and eliminate all your rival enemies soldiers. There are plenty of guns on the map like shotguns,pistols, machines guns and sniper and even one awesome grenade launcher. There are four big and detailed maps to play on so make sure you learn the best spots in each one to be able to win. As you play and eliminate other players you will earn money and you can use this money to purchase upgrades and new weapons. Enjoy this fun epic 3D action game and become the ultimate killing machine in the game. Also you can try many more similar 3D multiplayer shooting games online here on Vitalitygames.com to have a blast online! Good luck!
Release Date
March 2018
Call of Ops is developed by G55.
  • Awesome looking 3D graphics with no big demands for your PC.
  • Play single player or multiplayer against your friends.
  • A lot of rooms created for you, that can hold up to 16 players.
  • Good maps to play on with a lot of details.
  • Buy new weapons with the money earned in the game from killing others.
  • Simple and nice controls.

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