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Zombie Karts

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Zombie Karts free online zombie Kart racing games. Halloween its here let's have some fun with some zombies kart riding. First customize your zombi character your car and other many things and press start for a blast challenge. The zombie driving games stars in fun kart racing where you need to get the first goal driving fast and throwing objects at your opponents.Collect special bonus things from the road like: shield, life,bombs and many other cool things.When you re racing the other zombie drivers and you collected a special thing from the road press Z for the spacial attack to be able to do some damage or slow some other players down. When you collect shield you will be immune from other players special attacks. Don't forget there are 3 awards in Zombie Karts.So prove you driving skills in this new free online Zombie Kart game and be the best driver this Halloween.Good Luck and have fun!

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  •  Use arrow keys to balance and drive your kart.Press S for Special Attack.Press X to shoot.

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