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The Race To WrestleMania

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The Race to WrestleMania it's a new free online fun and skill driving games with your favorite cartoon character called Scooby-doo! And with the gang Shaggy Velma and the other. They won some tickets in to a dance contest and the price was a first class at the famous wrestling games with John Cena and the others. And on their way a new mystery appeared for their skills. A nasty powerful fire bear that will destroy all in his way and try to scare all the customers from the Wrestle shows. Scooby Doo will try to help and solve the mystery for them. I this new challenge game called The Race to Wrestle Mania where you will join Scooby Doo and his friends in a race for their lives. Huge and fierce bear relentlessly pursued them on the road. Avoid obstacles and collect bonuses from the highway and of course stay alive. Do your best and use arrow keys to drive and jump over all objects in your way. Have fun and be the best player in the game. Have fun here on vitalitygames with some of the best free online Scooby Doo games, and have lot's of fun!Good luck!

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