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The Avengers: Bunker Busters

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Stop the Avengers' arch enemies in the action game Bunker Busters.Looking for the latest and newest Avengers Assemble games? Well look no further, here on vitalitygames.com you can find the most awesome adventures of the Avengers team.In this game your goal is to smash the bunkers of the enemy aliens and pass each zone after defeating the zone boss one after the other.You can fire the Stark Industries cannon with a selection of Avengers members comprised of Hulk, Ironman,Thor and Captain America.Hit the angles just right and you will be able to perform amazing combos by destroying multiple enemies.Plan your triggers just right to land on the wanted zone.After you hit with one Avenger a dotted line will appear to mark the last trace you made.What are you waiting for? The end bosses laugh at you for even trying to defeat them, show them who laughs better at the end! Have fun and beat all the enemies only here on vitalitygames.com!

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  •  Use mouse to play the game.

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