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Rail Rush Worlds

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Rail Rush Worlds it's a new winter skill driving Rail road game. Rail Rush Worlds it's a cool unity 3D game where you have to use your skills in surviving the journey in some spooky caves filled with booby traps and all kind of obstacles that will test your skills and nerves to the max. This game will test your reaction and reflex skills and will get you addicted. Use arrow keys to steer the kart and at the same time collect pieces and treasures and presents to get your score high! Use the keys A and D to lean over on your sides and collect the gold coins and other stuffs. Jump over from one railroad to another and survive the high speed you are going with. Avoid ghost, trees and all kind of obstacles in your way and watch out don't jump off the railroad you will die. Have fun with this winter Christmas addicting game called Rail Rush Worlds developed by Miniclip here online on VitalityGames and try the android and mobile versions. Good luck and have a happy holiday! Enjoy.

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