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Olympics Water Polo

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Olympics water polo games free to play online on vitalitygames.com. Click to play now the latest water sport games online like this water polo game called Olympics water polo.Water polo is one of the oldest Olympic disciplines. It has been part of the Summer Olympics since the year 1900. It also took a role in Olympic games in 1956, where Hungarians faced Soviets in match known as the "Blood in the Water match". During this time, Soviet army had political control of Hungary, and Hungarian revolution began. Uprisings in Budapest and in many other cities against Soviet puppet government were suppressed by air strikes and bombardments. Despite hard conditions for training, Hungarians managed to win over Soviets 4-0 and this way, they salvaged pride for their country. Play Qlympics: Water Polo and score as many points as possible. Have fun.

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