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Highway Rally

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Stop looking for the best 3d car games online and play this new rally racing game called Highway Rally, we will guarantee you the ride of your life. Hit the highway for a racing road-trip of pure adrenaline! Race on 20 extreme highway tracks, and beat target times to unlock special cars, cash, and new levels. Let your need for speed drive you to win! When first playing the game you must right your name down,your name will be on the plate of the back of your selected car.In the title screen you will see in top a progress bar that will tell you haw muck have you played the game or how far are you in finishing the game. On the bottom of title screen you will see the achievements witch you will have to unlock, and the game options where you can set your intensity of the music. To be able to unlock other tracks you must get bronze or better placement.When playing the game you can earn cash by completing tracks, getting air time, and drifting.You can unlock 11 cars in this game each one its better then the other one. With every money you earn or you collect from the game you can upgrade your car's color, engine, spoiler, hood, and wheels. Beat the ghost car and get the best time in the game to be able to finish it. Prove your driving skills in this new free unity car game called Highway Rally and be the best rally driver in the game. Good luck and have a blast!

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