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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Galactic Run

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Looking for the latest Superhero Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers games available on the internet? Well look no further! Vitalitygames.com offers you Guardians of the Galaxy:Galactic Run.In this awesome shooting platformer runer game you have to aid Rocket Racoon and Groot in defeating the enemy robots through the gauntlet of perilous levels.As you run towards the end of the level you will have to switch lanes depending on the obstacles you will face and the foes that you will encounter.You will be able to shoot the robots with the help of your mouse by placing the cursor on them and pressing the left click, you can also pick up upgrades that will make your projectile 3 times bigger than normal thus having a bigger impact on your enemies.Blast through the levels and save the day with Groot and Rocket only here on vitalitygames.com!

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  •  Shoot
     Switch Lanes

Controls:Mouse to Aim, W and S to switch lanes.

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