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Extreme Off Road Rush

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Extreme Off Road Rush it's a new free online racing game with the famous Cars and his friends! Play online the best Cars games here on vitalitygames.com. In Extreme Off Road Rush games, Radiator Spring are celebrating the founder Stanley's Fronti?re Route. But there it's just one problem!!! The Baja pros have come in to town and are looking for a race!! Help Lighting to show these racers how it's the fastest car in town! There are 6 intense levels for you to drive and improve online! In the first levels Lighting and Baja have made a wrong turn, and now they are heading throw the toughest trail of the Rolling Heals! So use your skills and help Lighting to be the fastest driver online. Complete the other five levels online here on vitality games and have the best time with your favorite Lighting Mcqueen Cartoon character! Also play it on your tablet and mobile here on vitalitygames.com online! Have fun and good luck!

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  •  Hold/release Acceleration
     Make Tricks

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