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Dead Bunker

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Play the most realistic 3D fps y8 shooting games online only on vitalitygames.com. Try this new Apocalyptic zombie and mutant games where you are send by your superiors to investigate and find yourself trapped in an abandoned bunker dating back to the Soviet era. In the bunker that you are trapped the nazi have made many experiments on people and animals. Walk around the bunker and try to find any clues and take what will help you survive. You will find old school german guns and medic kit to heal your wounds. Kill the giant spiders that are trying to eat you alive along with the horde of mutant and zombies! Enjoy the best y8 zombie adrenaline shotgun games online only on vitalitygames and have fun shooting zombies! For more similar games try our special category of y8 game online only on vitalitygames.com.

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  •  Control/move Player
     Lock Screen
     Use Aitem
     Change Weapon

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