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Cars 2: World Grand Prix

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Play the latest and the most fun driving and racing cars games with the famous Lightning McQueen in this episode of the game called Cars 2: World Grand Prix here on Vitalitygames.com.

And how you saw in cartoons you must travel around the world to the most famous city on the globe.. with your favorite hero Lightning McQueen, Carla Veloso, Max Schnell and other characters from Cars 2. And race against the world's top racers...;)) Miles Axelrod welcomes you to the World Grand Prix, a competition like no other. talking place on the streets of Tokyo, Porto, Corsa and London, the world's top racers will compete to find out who is the fastest on the globe. Are you ready for it? For more similar cars game try this similar Lightning McQueen episode in Extreme off Road Rush game..Good luck!

Release Date
March 2017
Cars 2: World Grand Prix is developed by Disney Pixar
  • Collect bonuses from the ground to help you drive faster.
  • A lot of fun achievement to complete in the game.
  • Six cities to compete and find out who is the faster.
  • Easy control and fun to play.
  • Avoid oil stains, mud and canal holes.

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