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Abysus Arena

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Abysus Arena it's a new action fighting 3D unity game made by Cartoon Network. For boys to have some fun online for free. Abysus Arena its a very good 3D new game with realistic moves and fighting techniques.Your mission in this awesome game it's to fight against E.V.O! And become the ultimate superhero online, in saving the earth from the evil enemies.When playing the game you gain experience and some kind of level up for your skills.In the beginning of the game you only have 3 types of fighting techniques. Other new skills and fighting techniques will be unlocked wen you grow in experience.So have fun fighting monsters and killing bad guys to save the world. Improve your fighting skills in becoming the ultimate killing machines.Have fun and become the best super-hero from this new 3D unity Abysus Arena games.Good luck and fun!

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