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10x10! Classic

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Play online the latest matching HTML5 old school games on Vitalitygames.com. Try this 10x10! Classic cool game with an Arabian themed puzzle game that requires patience and strategy!
Drag & Drop blocks to create and destroy full lines on the grid both horizontally in 10x10! Classic game and vertically and keep the blocks from filling the grid on screen and try to upload as many points as possible. Similar 10x10 series of games with Tetris features but more fun to play. The game ends when there are no other objects on the board. 10x10! Classic games can be played online, on your mobile and tablet only on vitalitygames.com..;))
Release Date
On mobile platforms on March 24, 2017
10x10! Classic is developed by Luna Valley
  • Arabian themed puzzle game.
  • Patience and strategy is required.
  • Very easy and simple, but addictive puzzle game.

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